Malibu Pet-A-Palooza

Best Friends Animal Society and Malibu Country Mart are teaming on a sweet get-'em-adopted happening.

Malibu Pet-A-Palooza

YOUR NEW CUDDLY CHARGE: If you've ever gone to an adoption event, with the thought that you could very well return home with a being that has a tail and floppy ears and a wet snout or a whiskered snout, you've likely paused at your front door -- or back door, if that's how you leave -- and had a few moments of pondering. How will my home change? is very likely one question you asked yourself. Will there be more romping, more fur about, more toys hither and yon, more joy? "Yes" is typically the answer to all four queries, and the fifth one that is the last one you ask before choosing your new friend: Is she or he the one? There are other questions to answer when you adopt with the rescue organization who has been caring for your forever pal, but the private questions we ask as we leave our home, leave with the knowledge that we'll return with a pet, are some of the most important. So best line up your inner dialogue, or at least leave a moment for it as you pause while heading out the door, because Malibu Country Mart and Best Friends Animal Society are co-hosting a pet-nice adoption happening on Saturday, Feb. 21. It's...

MALIBU PET-A-PALOOZA: And it has a strong wellness component, too. "A variety of wellness booths" will be on the grounds of the mart, booths that'll represent everything from dental care to food choices and beyond. Some Instagram stars'll be hobnobbing, or houndnobbing, as the case may be, so look for Toothfairypixie and Daisy of Underbiteunite (just follow the doting fans, is our advice, if you need to know where these two petite cuties are located). A pet costume contest will go down, too (PawPack is the organizer). And if you do find a sweetheart to love, one who answers all of your heart's questions, complimentary Rescue Exams will be available, and a host of other helpful things (one month of pet insurance, customizable ID tag, and good stuff beyond). Does a day out in Malibu making furry friends, picking up info, meeting internet stars, and loving on those who love the loving qualify as "good stuff," too? It for sure does. Just remember that more toys, more romping, more fur, and more moreness are ahead for you and your little gal or guy. (Every pet person knows that "moreness" comes with the happy territory of co-existing with an animal, of course.)

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