Mammoth Bike Park: 5 New Trails

Pop a wheelie at the cool-temp'd summer destination.

TURN THAT IRK INTO ACTION: Whether you're charmed, or befuddled, or slightly irked when you're told by various sources to "dust off that bike and get outdoors" come the warm weather is, well, entirely up to you. The irksome feeling may stem from the fact that no dusting off is required, when it comes to your wheels. You've actually been on them all winter, at least most days, at least when it isn't rainy, and you'd never stow your ride waaaay back in the garage in the sort of corner where it may gather dust. So let's call such notions, that bikes gather dust over the colder months, charming if inaccurate, and let's find regular riders something fresh to do, for summer, since they've been out riding, non-stop, throughout the wintertime. For new horizons, and not-seen-yet twists, and maps unknown, look to Mammoth Bike Park, which has an as-of-this-typing opening date of Friday, June 10. But even if you say you know the higher elevation trails the back of your handlebar, prepare yourself to dig deep into...

FIVE NEW TRAILS: Those soon-to-debut byways include "Midtown" -- that's "an intermediate flow trail from McCoy down to Main lodge" and "Boomerang" which is all about the downhill thrills. Some major bike happenings will land at the park over the summer, including the USA Cycling Mountain Bike National Championships, and there's a pass for those riders who intend to take on the trails over several upcoming days. There are over "80 miles of single track" to enjoy, and some 3,500 acres, making Mammoth Bike Park one of the biggies among the peaks-and-pedals destinations (and that's across the continent). We're not going to tell you to "dust off your bike," no sirree; rather, we'll advise you to ready your rack, and your helmet, for your rides around the big mountain.

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