Mammoth Deal: Ski, Bike, and Golf in One Day

A late spring tradition keeps sportsy sorts on their feet (and skis).

ONE ACTIVE DAY: Triathlons famously have three parts, of course -- hello, running, cycling, and swimming -- but practically any three sports or healthy pursuits can be grouped together into one cardio-nice, recreation-fun trio. Rollerskating, ballet, baseball? Sure, you can tackle all three in a day. Badminton, gymnastics, curling? No problem there, either, if you've got an ice rink nearby. But what of skiing, biking, and golfing? At first glance this threesome looks a bit trickier to master over a single day. After all, if you're in a place for skiing, how will you roll your cycle over all that snow? Or find your golf ball in a drift? Here's the twist: Mammoth Mountain, right around Memorial Day, is the place to partake in all three activities, one after the other. The slopes are still open through the May holiday -- some April snowshowers definitely helped that -- but the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park is just opening, too. And golf? That's on. So call it a perfect slice of timing for those people who love all three sports and want to conquer each between the time the sun rises and sets.

THE UPSHOT: The Ski, Bike, and Golf at Mammoth deal is $99. That nabs you a one-day lift ticket, a one-day pass to Mammoth Mountain Bike Park, and "9 holes of twilight golf at the Sierra Star Golf Course." Oh yeah, twilight golf sounds pretty dang nice after a day of some strenuous sweat-making. There's also a slew of lodging discounts happening around the resort over the three-day weekend and other to-dos as well, if you're looking to only ski or to only bike or just chillax and take in some mountain air before summer kicks in. (Chillaxing is always sweeter in mountain air, it seems like; thank the fir trees and soft sunlight.) For all the holiday deals and that three-in-one-day tri-ski-bike-golf package, schuss this way.

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