Mammoth Mountain: Memorial Weekend Deals

Mid-spring skiing is on up the mountain, as are the savings on lodging.

THERE WAS A TIME, during the winter of 2016-2017, that a mountain maven, watching from the flatlands below, just wanted to put a care package together for those people playing up on the slopes of the Sierra. And in that care package would be hot cocoa packets, of course, and extra mittens, and a whole slew of rulers, like the kind of classic, made-of-wood measuring devices you used back in school. Because it did seem that, with inch after inch and foot after foot of snowfall, people might run out of rulers at Mammoth Mountain. It was, in short, a wallop of a winter, one that's still going as of this typing, and none of our cheeky musings, about whether they need more rulers up the mountain to measure all the flakeage, can change the fact that major amounts of snow fell over a short span of a few months. Which all leads to this: Skiers'll press through to Independence Day in 2017, with Memorial Day Weekend looking like a busy one for Mammoth. That means...

BOOKING YOUR LODGING, in advance, is an ace move. Save 25% on your late-May ski sojourn, when you stay up the mountain for three nights. Make that three nights or more, if you're really feeling the moment, and you know that summer is nigh and November is a ways off and this will be the time to get your last schuss in for a few months. The trio of hotels making the offer? The Village Lodge is on the list, as is Juniper Springs and Mammoth Mountain Inn. And if you have your heart set on Tamarack Lodge, there's a deal there, too, to the tune of 10-percent off your 3-nights-or-more stay. Is this where you'll play when the official summer season (if not summer itself) begins? Can you even believe this winter? Are there enough rulers in the world? Well, yes: There are. But with all of those inches piling up, one had to pause, at times, and marvel about all of that beautiful, heaps-of-it, it-keeps-falling snow.

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