Mammoth Opening: $50 Lift Ticket

Will you be on the big mountain on Nov. 10?

STORMS IN THE SIERRA... in October aren't the beautiful, piney-of-scent rains of mid-summer. Autumn-style blow-throughs can be hard, and dramatic, and they can show with a plus-one that hasn't been seen in several months: snow. That's been the case around Mammoth Mountain, which began to flirt with frosty ground-cover weeks in advance of the resort's scheduled November opening. But all of this early snowfall simply means that Thursday, Nov. 10 is going to be a big one on the big mountain, with fans getting stoked as they watch as pre-opening flakes create some good base action. Does all of this October snow make you want to be there from the get-go? Then getting going on this: Opening day lift tickets are...

FIFTY BUCKS: That's a solid deal, but also solid is the general festive atmosphere that opening day at major ski resort like Mammoth naturally exudes. That doesn't come with a price tag, so be up there early to be in the swing. Also free? The cocoa and coffee at Broadway Express on the morning of opening day, starting at 7 a.m. (people will already be there, for sure, count on it). And watching the annual banner breakthrough, which is scheduled for 8:30, is pretty darn stirring, if skiing is a major part of your cold-weather life. Stow some cash for the sip specials later in the day at Tusks Bar, and join in the beer toast at 11 a.m. on the sundeck at the Main Lodge. Are you ready for opening day? Clearly the clouds are, as they've already been bestowing the slopes with fall flakes. What will winter bring? More of the same, and lots of it, fingers, poles, and skis crossed.

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