68-Year-Old Man Arrested for Exposing Himself to Children in Victorville

Cooks, a good Samaritan who confronted the suspect, said, "I just think I did what anybody else would have done."

A 68-year-old man accused of exposing himself to children near a bus stop was arrested in Victorville following a short standoff Sunday.

David Alvarado allegedly approached the victims near a bus stop location and attempted to have the children get into his vehicle, according to the the Victorville Police Department.

That's when a good Samaritan stepped in and confronted the man.

"He tried to threaten me like I was going to walk away," said Charles Cooks, the good Samaritan. "But I wasn't."

Cooks added, "There's a lot of kids getting hurt. Kids don't need to go through that."

Alvarado then drove away from the scene before San Bernardino County Sheriff's deputies arrived, but bystanders followed the suspect's vehicle to an apartment complex down the street.

Sheriff's deputies arrived a soon after, and a short standoff ensued before Alvarado was taken into custody.

"He's an irritating drunk," one neighbor offerred her thoughts on the suspect.

Another neighbor, Rusty Jiron, added, "Everybody that knows that guy hasn't had a decent thing to say about him."

Elia Estrada, another neighbor, commended Cooks for stepping in: "People should be more like that and step in when they see something like that happen."

Cooks humbly said, "I just think I did what anybody else would have done."

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