Marco! Polo! You Know the Rest

Digging, digging. There's the old, pill-y swimsuit. And a bottle of sunblock from... 2003? Maybe. A saggy beach ball. And goggles. We must -- must -- step up our swim-ready selves since summer is due in mere days. Oh happy hot days.

LAist reports that some 34 pools are opening this weekend -- makes sense, summer officially kicking into town and all -- and that the prices are right. Less than three bucks to use a pool, and less than that if you're a card-carrying library user (and you are, we're assuming in a vaguely uppity fashion).

For a full eyeful of the City of Los Angeles aquatics program, lookie here. Can you hear the giggling, the sploshing, the "Mom watch me"-ing? We almost can.

The only question is where we stash the entry money/library card when we're decked out in our one-piece and flip-flops. Okay, purchasing of a water-resistant, soda-resistant, able-to-lug-five-magazines-at-a-time beach bag just ahead. A giant, candy-colored towel. And a proper hat. Oh, and sunblock that didn't expire four years ago...

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