Marina Openings: Mountain Lakes Greet Spring

Where are you headed, water buffs? Big Bear Lake or Lake Gregory?

BEAUTIFUL BODIES OF WATER: While we never fully bid adieu to our oft-visited and most favorite H20 destinations come the wintertime -- you'll still see people wet-suiting it up in the Pacific on even the grayest of days -- it is the warmer weather that truly draws the fans back. This is especially true for lakes at higher elevations, which push through snowier, chillier months with an eye to springtime, new seasonal passes, and other summery plans. And with the start of spring a couple of our bigger playplaces have announced openings and new things, so dig out those water wings, lake lovers, and make for the hills.

BIG BEAR LAKE: One of Southern California's most bustling bodies of lakery kicks it up come the start of spring in a major way. What do we mean by "kicks it up"? "Five marinas in Big Bear Lake open for the season Saturday, March 22!" Know your marinas up the mountains? There are six in all, meaning that March 22'll be a mondo opening indeed. Kayaking, pedal boats, and paddleboarding, a newer addition, are some of the popular to-dos on the lake. Yep, skiing is still happening in the mountains, meaning you could paddleboard and snowboard in the same day, if you plan. That's so SoCal.

LAKE GREGORY: The San Bernardino favorite now has new management, and a few new things ahead for the 2014 summer season. Think a new water play structure and a six new season passes (those go on sale on April 1). As for the structure? "(S)lides, swings, jumps, diving platforms, balance beams, bridges, trampolines, buoys, and flips" will be some of the come-have-fun features. Traditional lake pursuits, like kayaking and fishing, are still, of course, possible as well. Need to know more? Find out here.

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