Martha Launches Huge Run on KnitWit

Now we really, really want a KnitWit.

Remember looms?

Not the factory-filling giant looms upon which carpets and rugs and massive textiles are created. We're talking the smaller, hold-in-your-hand loom, where you yourself can run thread and yarn around various bobbins and, voila! You've got an oven mitt, or flowery pin, or new newsie cap.

KnitWit, that do-it-at-home, "As Seen on TV" device for creating little rosettes out of yarn, has been around for several years, helping those of us without knitting prowess achieve crafty giveables (though we should say accomplished knitters are fans as well). Now the company, which also sells KnitWit patterns and the Doodleloom, has received a major spotlight courtesy of none other than Ms. Martha Stewart.

Well, Martha Stewart Living, the magazine, to be exact. The December issue mentions the KnitWit, and how to create little pretty flowers with it. We read the piece and suddenly had a "yeeeeah, KnitWit!" moment. 

But, alas. Many, many, many people want a KnitWit, thanks to the magazine mention. The KnitWit tool -- the company actually calls it a tool, not a device -- is out of stock. But, when it is in stock, it goes for $19.95.

We like this story. We like "As Seen on TV" companies, and we like that a company that has been around for a long time is getting a national shout-out of some magnitude. We like that people everywhere want to craft and make things for other people. We like that the editors of Martha Stewart Living understand not all of us are whizzes at making things and need just a smidge of assistance.

And we like the loom. With Etsy and Unique LA and other handmade fairs on the up and up, is the at-home loom back for good? 

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