Martha Stewart's “Cooking School” at Vroman's

To add to the "we'll never" pile: We'll never make a roast chicken like Martha Stewart, and we're okay with that. Not that Martha doesn't want us to try. The home-and-hearth goddess talks turkey, and ham, and how to baste/broil/saute it all in an appropriate fashion, in her new book "Cooking School: Lessons and Recipes for the Home Cook."

And this Sunday afternoon in Pasadena, Martha -- can we really refer to her as anything else at this point? -- is stopping by Vroman's to sign the easy-to-follow recipe-laden manual, which is packed with pics and clear steps on making elaborate entrees and appetizers that should be a cinch (although "cinch" for us is opening a foil triangle of processed cheese alongside some crackers). But if anyone can show us, we know Martha can, in her trademark unruffled, "isn't-this-a-lark" manner.

Tickets are available with book purchase at Vroman's or the Vroman's in Hastings Ranch (if you really want to go, we recommend looking into tix way in advance). It also looks like Martha will not be speaking first but rather is signing books only.

But word is she's affable to fans and will surely take a moment to exchange a few pleasantries with people who just really want to know why their roast chicken always looks flatly beige when it should nicely brown. Help us Martha. Please.

Sunday, November 9, 4PM
Vroman's Bookstore, 685 E. Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena

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