May Day Picnic in Monster Park

One of SoCal's most special play spots gets the spotlight.

Friends of La Laguna

No maypoles in your plans for May 1? No need to run out to the pole store or the ribbon store just yet. LA Conservancy, the Modern Committee, and the Friends of La Laguna have a huge picnic planned on May Day at La Laguna de San Gabriel, which we'll just call Monster Park. Because it is more fun. Monsters. Rrowr.

There are no real monsters in this historic San Gabriel playground, but plenty of giant cement ones; think of a whimsical dragon that you can slide down and an octopus with legs to weave through.

It's a special place, much loved by the surrounding neighborhoods, and countless kids have scrambled happily about its grounds. Why not have a picnic on May Day and celebrate the '60s-era gem? We'll probably do a beehive or plaid pedal pushers. Just to get into the '60s spirit.

Fifteen bucks nabs you lunch, a COOLHAUS treat, and entry to various kidly games. Kids, by the way, get in for five bucks if they are 12 or younger. Reservations are a must. How many picnics do you get to RSVP in your life?

Monsters! Rrowr. Better than maypoles. Well, not better. Different. We won't compare.

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