May Meets October Thanks to Ghoulish Zombie Walk

A "first annual" anything, be it a marathon or cupcake sale or film festival, always feels fresh and new and exciting. The First Annual Long Beach Zombie Walk definitely is not new or fresh -- right, because we're talking zombies here, and they've kind of been mouldering in the peat for decades, typically -- but it should prove quite exciting indeed.

That's because those moaniest of monsters are meeting up at Portfolio Coffee House on Fourth Street for a big ol' get-your-cameras-ready drag down to The Art Theatre of Long Beach for a "Shaun of the Dead" screening.

If you've got your zombie-ripped tuxedo and crust-it-up latex face paint handy, don your strangest outfit, meet at Portfolio at 10PM on Saturday, May 30, and then join other like-minded monsters for the snail's-pace, stiff-armed stroll down to the Art Theatre.

Movie's at 11PM, and people dressed like zombies get in at a discounted price ($8 instead of $10). As you plan your gross-out get-up, take into consideration you'll be sitting in it for 90 minutes after the walk, so make sure you're a comfy zombie.

Not much else to know except the Portfolio makes an excellent Americano, zombies are misunderstood and only want love, and "Shaun" and actor Simon Pegg make us happy inside. Okay, we're not sure about the zombies-wanting-love part, but, probably.

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