Meet Shadow, San Diego Zoo Superstar

The furry lad'll soon be part of the educational staff at Wegeforth Bowl.

San Diego Zoo

AND THE INTERNET AWWWS... It can be challenging, these days, to predict what furry or feathery or scaly beastie will grab the attention, sighs, and clicks of people online. Should the animal be able to play piano? Walk a tight rope? Chase her tail? The ultimate superstar-making formula remains an unknown. Perhaps, though, a role in educating the public about animals is key, along with heaps and heaps of cuteness. Take Shadow, the San Diego Zoo wolf pup currently garnering the swoons of thousands of fans in California and 'round the world. The Balboa Park-based zoo recently posted a playful photo of Shadow -- he's down on his front legs, ready to romp -- and followed it up with a video. The clip is full of moves and trotting and scratching that will be familiar to any Fido person (and, truly, anyone fond of animals at large). But it won't be all letting loose for young Shadow, who is finishing up a 30-day quarantine; the two-month-old will soon be "an ambassador for his species" at the animal park's Wegeforth Bowl. PEEK NOW: There is a way to get a look at little Shadow now, if you can't wait for his Wegeforth debut: He's in the Children's Zoo nursery. Or you can admire his spirited energy and wolf-happy wonder sooner, in this short video posted by the zoo.

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