Meet Your Pet Match

A West LA adoption event takes a different route to your heart.

Meet Your Pet Match

If you've ever adopted an animal, how did you go about it?

Do you choose by breed? Is there a certain fluffy factor that you're searching for? Or do you make your call if the animal stares soulfully into your eyes, with the promise and the vow that this potential friendship has promise?

Humans select their furry companions for a host of different reasons, but perhaps applying some of the lifestyle principles of traditional matchmaking is one way to ensure a solid match-up. Enter Meet Your Pet Match, a Much Love Animal Adoption event at the West LA Animal Shelter on Saturday, May 12.

Meet Your Pet Match will be similar to other adoption events you may have attended with a twist; volunteers will have questions about what you like to do and what your life is like. Are you more of a runner or do you like to hang in front of the television? Are you a big socializer or do you like your quiet time at home?

Because as any pet owner knows, beasties have their own lifestyles and temperaments and activity levels. Boy do they, and if you attempt to build a life with a dog who loves to be busy (and you don't so much), it can be a bit of a challenge.

There will be goodies and giveaways during the day, and adoption fees will be paid for the first 20 kitties or pups to head home with someone. Sweet. Also sweet? They're taking your old blankets and towels, do pack a few for the donation box.

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