Mega Yoga Gathering (LA's Biggest + Views)

Daydream about performing Half Pigeon on a beautiful bluff? It can happen, for free.

SURROUNDINGS TO UPLIFT: One of the key points of yoga is to strongly connect with an inner peace, that true-hearted looking within, to find stillness and joy and a deeper center wherever the practitioner might place her or his mat. Mats are often placed in yoga studios and dens and basements and gyms, and the person engaged in Downward Dog is able to filter out the immediate environment and focus fully on the pose, and the gifts of the pose. But to claim that those who adore yoga, and practice regularly, have never daydreamed of engaging in Tree pose or Mountain while standing on a bluff, before a vast ocean, is a bit on the silly side. For sure, surroundings can be tuned out, but yoga can also be enhanced by the beauty of what's happening just beyond the mat's edge. With that in mind, Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes will again host a free day of yoga, a day that's billed as the largest yoga gathering in Southern California, and it comes with quite the vista: The Pacific.

THE DATE... is Sunday, Sept. 20, in the later afternoon, and an outdoor wellness marketplace will also happen alongside the timed-to-sunset class, which will unfold across the resort's striking Palos Verdes Meadow. Many, many yoga enthusiasts can fit comfortably in the meadow -- it measures 16,000 feet, after all -- and there will be fitness experts on hand to chat with attendees. As for whether you need to know your poses through-and-through to join? Or not? Beginners are welcomed as well as "seasoned" practitioners. And everyone is encouraged to show with a mat.

COMPLIMENTARY CLASSES: The resort will offer a caboodle of gratis yoga classes during September. For more info on what's ahead both for the Sept. 20 event and and early fall, roll up your mat and saunter this way.

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