Melty Mayhem and Cheddar Chatter

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Grilled Cheese

Sit quietly. Close your eyes. And try and picture an ingredient that would not be tasty when placed inside a grilled cheese sandwich.

It's nearly impossible. Maybe a chocolate chip cookie, although we suspect that once the chips get soft it all is pretty yummy.

That deep question, and others, will be asked, and then eaten, at the Grilled Cheese Invitational, which is scheduled for Saturday, April 23 at Los Angeles Center Studios. It's a big seven-hour stretch literally riddled with grilled cheese sandwiches, and the talented and potentially boastful people making them (we say "potentially boastful" because we want them to be).

Those seven hours will fall between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Let's just call that window Grilled-Cheese-o'clock.

Competitors will be browning bread and melting dairy in a quartet of categories. Our favorite may be "Honey Pot," which involves making a grilled cheese that could be served as dessert (hence our chocolate chip cookie suggestion above).

A ticket at the door is $15, but we'd get on it and nab an ahead-of-time admission for $12. It'll be busy, because, of course, there's a rule that says grilled cheese is loved by one and all. It might be the world's most perfect comfort food (sorry, mac and cheese), and about as versatile as a food can be. As long as that food comes between two pieces of bread, and includes cheese.

There's also a Cheese Calling contest, which is exactly what we'd like to end this on, seeing as a Cheese Calling contest requires no further embroidery, commentary or description.

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