Memorial Day Closing for Mammoth

Though the ski resort could even push past that date, says a mountain representative.

TANK TOPS AND SKIS: Some of the most charming, and awesome, and head-scratching, and widely shared photographs to emerge from a ski resort, any ski resort, are those snapshots that depict skiers and boarders in summer-style clothing. Most people can't imagine heading up a high-elevation peak in what amounts to a bathing suit and shorts, but some skiers have tried the unlikely way of dressing over past years (as many resorts' Instagrams can attest). These snow fans aren't dressing this way in January, though, as a whole; it is when the slopes stay open into late springtime, and even summer, that the tank tops and short-sleeved shirts make their teeth-chattering debut. And those fashion choices may again be all the rage at Mammoth Mountain, which announced on March 30, 2016 that it'll schuss right through Memorial Day Weekend. Or...

"LIKELY LATER"... even, which means you could be hot-dogging your way right into June, a month, we probably don't need to point out, that sees the official start of summer. So what gives? Well, this is tradition at the Sierra-based resort -- it hasn't shuttered ahead of Memorial Day in 28 years -- and the past winter was very, very good. So good that Mammoth Mountain surpassed its snowfall total for the previous season on Jan. 20, with several more storms still ahead. Perhaps that's where the "likely later" comes from; that 200"-plus base at the summit is smokin'. (Or, strike that, not smokin', as that conveys heat, but you get our gist.) Will you go the tank top route on your skis? Or stick to the traditional jacket, gloves, and so forth? You may have a few chances to model a few looks, as a push right through to July 4 is not yet out of the cards for Mammoth. Best start thinking in terms of your red, white, and blue ski suits.

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