Michael Voltaggio's Piece of the Pie

This is The Feast 14, in which we highlight the most anticipated projects of the new season. Here now, we speak to Michael Voltaggio for an update on ink.

There is no doubt that Michael Voltaggio's ink is the most highly anticipated eatery of the year. It will feature an eight seat Omakase bar with pottery created by Voltaggio and the food in the main dining area will be comprised of seasonal, shared plates. The decor will be industrial chic with ink splotches on the floor and banquettes upholstered in black denim. He's hoping to leave a major impression on the LA dining scene when the main restaurant opens next month. We spoke to Voltaggio for an update.

How's business at ink.sack, your tiny sandwich shop a few doors down from ink?
Great. The neighborhood is embracing it.

Have you changed anything on the menu since opening?
We added pork rinds to the snacks, changed up the cookies. We also change the fruits often depending on what's available.

Tell us what impact you hope to have on the LA dining scene when ink finally opens.
LA is currently the most exciting food town in the country and we just want to be a part of it.

We know you created a line of pottery for the Omakase bar. Who designed ink?
Cliff Fong. He is an artist. He created a certain level of sophistication in a humble space.

Why did you want to collaborate on a cookbook with your brother at this time? Tell us more about the family concept.
Although Bryan and I run our restaurants separately [Bryan has Volt in Maryland] this was a way for us to cook together and to showcase both our differences and similarities in cooking style. [The Feast]

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