Michelin Fetes LA Restaurants

The arrival of a new Michelin Guide is anticipated among restaurateurs, who have much to gain by inclusion, and by the restaurant-going public, who finds certain restaurateurs' reactions to losing/gaining the much-coveted stars to have high entertainment value.

Four restaurants boast two stars (Providence, a one-starrer last year, moved up into that rare category, while the others remained status quo), while well over a dozen eateries can crow over a single star. The LA Times has the list in full, in case you want to plan your next several meals.

Michelin, we bow before you, and your guide is without equal. But we miss some of the spirit of the first guides of the early 20th century. Andre Michelin started the books as a way to help drivers with their cars and touring about France (recommending spots for sleeping/suppering were part of the equation). The thing is, we always need serious help getting around here in town. Could you please consider bestowing stars to secret routes, excellent off-ramps and the best way to get from Burbank to LAX on a Friday afternoon? We'd be ever so grateful. Thank you.

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