Mint-Kahlua, or Plum-Berry, or Spicy Cinnamon…

When it comes to cheesecake, usually you have your purists -- just the plain slice of cake, no strawberry topping, no chocolate sauce, nada -- and those of us who demand a ton of different things swirled in and piled on and studded throughout. The Cheesecake Factory recognizes those of us who like our flavors waaay over the top, and that a sizable hunk of that population has a bit of the culinary inventor to them. Culinary inventiveness seems to shine brightest upon the important topic of dessert for most people, and those of us who are sweet on sweets are being challenged to devise a new cheesecake flavor in honor of the famous chain's 30th anniversary.

A snap, right? Well, it might be a bit trickier than it sounds at first -- the Cheesecake Factory, as the many among of us who have lingered before those glass cases know, boasts a bevy of cheesecake-y choices. So put your thinking cap on, or your bib, or grab your favorite fork, or whatever you have to do, and concoct something outrageously delectable that's never been tried before.

The grand prize winner gets to visit the Bev Hills restaurant and sample the creation they thunk up; talk about your totally braggable moment. Plus the new flavor will go on the menu, and a portion of the proceeds from every slice will go to Feeding America, a food bank organization. Nice indeed.

So, will it be Cardamom-Orange with a hint of Lemon? Or maybe Triple Coffee with Almonds and Cream? The sky (or the pie pan) is the limit. The contest is done baking on February 28, so stir something up asap.

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