Mobile Food Gets Sexified: Baby's Badass Burgers

It all began with the simple taco truck, but on August 10 a new approach to meals on wheels will roll out compliments of Baby’s Badass Burgers. Starting Monday keep your eyes peeled for a neon pink food truck run by none other than a gaggle of girls in tiny booty shorts, tight tank tops, and high heels pushing $5 burgers with names like Cougar (beef, black truffles) and the Hot Chick (buffalo chicken with bleu cheese). And while we're on the subject of new eateries and scantily dressed food servers, it would be remiss not to mention Bikini Espresso in Torrance where, well the title says it all, women strut around in swimwear while concocting coffee beverages. Want to see for yourself? Yelp has the goods. [EaterWire]

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