Modernism Show & Sale: Palm Springs Opener

Want to bring some of the retro looks you find in the desert home? This is where you start.

THAT PAINTING, THAT CHAIR: When it comes to celebrations that explore and honor and fete and love upon all things mid-century, from homes to clothing to businesses to artworks to funky couches that look like they might have been made on the moon, there shall be no outshining Palm Springs. Absolutely, yes, you're right, other places do boast a nice mid-century vibe, from neighborhoods that stayed true to a single architect's singular vision to city halls and early malls that reflect the aesthetic. But the P.S. just wins the shiny trophy on this, in all the ways, year-round, but more so during Modernism Week. The February shindig is popular, hugely so, which led to a fall preview in October, to deal with some of the overflow. (But, let's be honest; so many people who can't get enough go in both the fall and winter.) And one of the centerpieces of the autumn hooha happens to be the Modernism Show & Sale. There's no mystery as to why this is, if you're curious: Attendees who stroll through elegantly appointed homes, cool casas filled with fine furnishings, want to bring a bit of that 1960s-style style back to their own pads, wherever those pads may be. A fine starting pointing, then, is to start at the start of the Modernism Show & Sale.

FRIDAY, OCT. 9... is the date, some "40 premier national and international dealers" showing sofas and paintings and vases and everything domestic'll be in the house, and tickets are seventy five bucks a pop (and you get to return any time you like, during opening hours, of course, during the remainder of the weekend). Are educational programs, and community grants, supported by your ticket price? You betcha. Shall there be bites and sips to bite and sip while you look at the nifty things made for mid-century homes? There shall be, yes. Will you get to hang out at the equally-as-nifty Palm Springs Air Museum? That's where the Modernism Show & Sale is taking place. There is a way, then, to admire the accouterments of mid-century homes and to maybe, just possible, find something neato to buy before you leave the desert. It doesn't have to be one or the other, at the Modernism Week Fall Preview.

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