Monday Made: Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter

"Public Enemies" from Michael Mann is screening at the Majestic Crest on Tuesday, June 23rd, which is news indeed. The Johnny Depp-starrer has been one of the headline films of the Los Angeles Film Festival, and, really, one of the bigger films of the year.

We're looking forward to seeing Marion Cotillard in 1930s costumes -- is there an actress today who can wear pin curls and flapper-ish frocks as well as the Oscar winner? We say no -- and of course Mr. Depp himself.

But what is sating our appetite pre-"Public Enemies" is the new picture just released by EW: Johnny Depp in full Mad Hatter finery. (Mr. Depp, of course, is playing Mr. Hatter in the new Tim Burton film "Alice in Wonderland," which is due in March 2010.)

Waiting on the new Johnny Depp makeover -- think Jack Sparrow or Willy Wonka -- is one of the every-few-years cinematic treats we, and many other Deppians, look forward to. If you don't want to see his marvelous Mad Hatter-ish-ness prior to the film, whatever you do, do not click here. Spoiler spoiler spoiler, etc. But nine months can make for one long wait.

Last: Anne Hathaway's White Queen make-up kind of makes our eyes roll back in our head, in a good way. Scary and spectacular.

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