Monday Morning Linkage

[Video: Gas signs in Los Angeles via Wooster Collective]

· Hey fatty! Your fat mcmansion is making you a fatty [abc7]
· C'mon LA: Progressive cities scrapping 50's parking regulations [Daily Record]
· City of Gardena wants to stop your pants from sagging [Daily Breeze]
· Walking disaster: $700 billion bailout bill limps forward [WSJ]
· Claremont NIMBYs say no to proposed CM campus center [Star-News]
· Temple City's attempt to raise sales taxes backfires; vacancies up [Star-News]
· Helmet! Gas prices turn some to motorcycles; fatalities climbing []
· Helping everyone: Bailout may aid foreign banks too [IHT]
· Coliseum is one big cell dead zone. USC students peeved [Daily Trojan]

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