Mono County: Photo-Perfect Spots

Spring has arrived at (most of) the breathtaking Eastern Sierra region.

MONO COUNTY, which grandly sits along a sizable swath of the Eastern Sierra, sports a lot of varied terrain and a veritable gamut of elevation points. Which is why, when springs rolls into view, and the area waterfalls are peaking with power, it is still good to ask someone in the know... "is this place I want to go actually open, like, today"? For snow is a real thing up around the epic peaks and canyons, as well as other weather factors, and even in the middle of springtime favorite spots can still be shuttered. Devils Postpile National Monument remains closed, as does the Tioga Pass, and Bodie State Historic Park? Those who care for the gem of a ghost town are still dealing with the aftermath of a few December earthquakes (so, yep, it is shuttered). But with Fishmas 2017 behind us, and the weather inching towards full warm-a-tude, Mono County's season for fabulous snow-free photo opportunities is nearly here. Where to go, though? The people behind Visit Mono County have ideas like, of course...

MYSTERIOUS MONO LAKE, which sports tufa that looks very snow-like, even when it is toasty outside. Silver Lake on June Lake Loop has an oh-so-Switzerland-ish backdrop of Carson Peak, while Lundy Canyon near Mono Lake is home to some winning waterfall beauty. Need more photography-based inspiration before setting out with your tripod and camera for the Eastern Sierra? This page is a solid starting point for waterfall-obsessed, lake-loving shutterbugs.

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