Cycling Group Shows Its Support for Store Overwhelmed by Bike Riding Flash Mob

Montebello Bicycle Coalition members turned up at the store to buy what they could

Days after a bicycle riding flash mob packed a store and left without paying for some items, a group of cyclists got together to help out the owner.

More than 20 members of the Montebello Bicycle Coalition rode their bikes to the Pico Union market to buy items and let the owner and employees know they have their support.

"We felt really upset about what those wannabe cyclists did," said Maribel Briseno, chair of the coalition. "They're not cyclists. This is what a cycling group is, this is the cycling community."

A grand theft investigation involving Sunday's thefts is underway. Thousands of dollars worth of items were taken as visitors grabbed merchandise from shelves -- some paid, many did not.

Security camera video captured the group approaching the store on bikes and flooding into its aisles. 

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