Morro Bay Majesty: The San Salvador

Eye the tall ship up close, and even go aboard.

TALL SHIPS... and the California coast are a stunning duo seemingly sprung from photography-based daydreams. It almost doesn't matter where a large-of-mast vessel is viewed — in a harbor, by a bluff, drawing alongside one of the Channel Islands — for it to shimmer with marine-magnificent majesty. (Big words, but just try not to break 'em out when you're hashtagging your snapshots, later on, on social media. The urge is there.) But the time of tall ships can be fairly fleeting around the Golden State's shores, and if you don't know quite where to look for them, they can sail on by. A number of famous sail-spectacular boats recently called upon San Diego, and then, a week later, Dana Point Harbor, a moment that brought out fans aplenty for tours, talks, and more. Did you get enough of these on-the-waves wonders? No? Then look to...

MORRO BAY, which will get a visit from the beautiful Cabrillo's San Salvador at the close of September. The twelve-day sojourn of the historic replica begins on Thursday, Sept. 29, with a number of "public tours and special events" to follow through Sunday, Oct. 9. This, by the by, is the San Salvador's "inaugural tour of California," one that's co-hosted by the city with the Maritime Museum of San Diego. Oh, and that's right: The Morro Bay Harbor Festival is on Saturday, Oct. 1, meaning the galleon's Morro Bay getaway will coincide with the water-close party. But returning to photogs and the pursuit of capturing the tall ships on film: Will you snap the perfect photo of the San Salvador with Morro Rock in the frame? That surely would be a frame-ready picture, one that captures the drama of both historical sailing and natural, dramatic beauty. 

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