“Mortified,” the Movie

The cringe-it-up tell-all stage show is going cinematic.

Ed Pingol

It was only really a matter of time before "Mortified," that every-once-and-so-often stage show that puts various hearts on various sleeves, showed up on some screen somewhere.

If you've seen "Mortified," likely at King King (although it plays at clubs in other cities, too), you know the stories told, well. Tap hard on certain teenage and childhood memories, much like a doctor hitting your kneecap with that pointy tool. Your response is immediate and visceral and often involves laughter. Much laughter.

Now Dave Nadelberg, master Mortifier, is making a movie, so that people in all other cities where the stage show doesn't go can enjoy that reaction, the memories, the embarrassment, the funny. And people in cities that do get "Mortified" on stage will surely enjoy it, too.

Being mortified knows no country, county, or city, we can all agree.

Turns out Mr. Nadelberg met his fundraising goal of $17,000; exceeded it, even. But the donation line is still open -- this is a movie after all, which can $$$$-up pretty darn fast -- so if you want to and can give, give.

Bonus: That not-kind photo of you as an awkward teen could appear in the film as a thanks for your donation. Read details here.

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