Movie Eye-Catchers Get Their Day in the Sun

Seems like nearly everyone had that cinephile -- maybe cinemaniac is more accurate -- friend back in college, the one who saw absolutely every movie released to theaters, to DVD, who could name the sixth man from the left in the opening sequence of John Ford's second film.

A quirk common to many of these college pals was the urge to decorate their dorm rooms and apartments in Early-Mid Movie -- that is, with the old posters and standees found in theater lobbies. Movie marketing has an enormous impact, obviously, and the people behind it got their own spotlight at the recent Key Art Awards, which were held on June 12th at the Geffen Contemporary. Check out all the 2009 honorees.

Do they know that their work is helping decorate dorm rooms across the nation? An important calling indeed.

We like the creative lobby stuff on display at the awards -- a real salon chair as part of a "You Don't Mess with the Zohan" push -- but the posters are applaudable, too. Wandering by the coming-soon posters is part of the pre-film, munching-on-popcorn, lobby-wandering enjoyment, we find.

But, deep down, we're still waiting for the big return of the old-fashioned lobby card, circa 1940. Movie marketing people, can we revive those?

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