Movies Among the Mansions

Heritage Square opens for silent-movie showing.

Alysia Gray Painter

We all can and do and should go see films in the place we're used to seeing them: a seat in a row in a theater.

But any time a movie is shown in an unusual locale -- say, Grand Hope Park, adjacent to a bevy of food trucks -- we should all jump at the chance. Wait. Don't jump. Might spill your bucket o' popcorn.

The unusualiest of all the movie-showing locales might be Heritage Square. It's that back-in-time stretch of Victorian manses just off the 110 near Highland Park.

And on Saturday, July 10 -- and on Saturdays July 17 and 24, too -- they'll be showing silents and classics out on the lawn at 8 p.m. You're invited to show with a blanket, chair, and picnic, and of course ten bucks to get in.

This is our question: Will we be watching evening fall on the imposing facades of these cinematic abodes, or will we be watching the screen? Both. There will be looking back and forth, likely.

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