Movies Getting Plushier

Reclining and dining. Plus a movie.

Gold Class Cinemas

Remember when people watched movies in those straight-backed, tiny-seated wooden chairs that you still see in some historic theaters?

That day=long gone. Stadium seating and plump arm rests and mondo cup holders have done away with early movie-watching seatery, possibly for good. Goodbye, severe seating. Hello, bed-like chairs.

Upping the ante is Gold Class Cinemas, where every seat is a recliner. As in, the soft, nubbly recliner from dens across this great country.

Gold Class, a chain based in Illinoisopens in Pasadena on Friday, December 4th. And no, they haven't stuffed 100 recliners into one theater; there will be anywhere from 24 to 40 recliners in each movie, and then that's it. Fewer people, fewer chatterers.

Although maybe some snorers. We worried, when we first heard about the concept, about seeing films too late, or with a boring date. Otherwise we can get behind Gold Class, because we like the dining service -- suh-wanky -- and we like a place to put the feet up.

Because who out there hasn't been frankly put out by seeing people put bare feet on the tops of the seats in front of them? Almost worse than texting during a movie. Almost.

Thank you, Gold Class. Sounds like you'll be addressing some stickly movie etiquette with your plush 'n posh ways. That time has come.

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