Multi-Toned Beauties to Rule Gilmore Show

The Farmers Market tradition'll spotlight two-hued autos.

Farmers Market

If you've been to Farmers Market at the corner of Third & Fairfax, you know something important (besides the fact that one must always include an ampersand when speaking of Third & Fairfax).

And that important thing? That cars and gasoline once ruled that particular corner, long before the apples and strawberries and touristy souvenirs showed up. You've likely wandered around the replica of the old-fashioned gas station on the Market's north side, a replica that tells the early history of the Gilmore family's relationship with the auto.

But that relationship continues in the annual Gilmore Heritage Auto Show, which happens the first Saturday of June. It's free, and it always features a multitude of classic cars, usually with a theme. And the 2011 theme? Multi-toned beauties. Think blue fins and a red body, or tires with a green rim. "Wild colors" are promised, so we're hoping for some iridescent action.

The date is Saturday, June 4, the hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and you can find the chrome-y line-up between Farmers Market and the Grove. Don't forget to visit the old-fashioned gas station, too. We all pass many corners in this city that inspire us to wonder what used to be there a century ago. We don't need to wonder at Third & Fairfax, a corner that put the vroom-vroom in our car-loving city long before the freeways arrived.

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