National Dog Day: Living Desert Adopt an Animal

Show your canine affections by lending support to the Palm Desert animal preserve.

The Living Desert

ADOPT AN ANIMAL PROGRAMS... are a sweet feature of many animal preserves and parks. It's a fun way to make a donation and perhaps get a little something like a stuffed animal or certificate (the kind of thing you might want to show off to visitors to your home, not in a braggy way but to inspire your pals to become involved with the beastie-sweet programs at their local zoos). Sometimes, though, an Adopt an Animal event will dovetail nicely with a big day on the calendar. Or, rather, dogtail, if you prefer: National Dog Day is on Aug. 26, and to celebrate this most arf-y and adorable occasion The Living Desert in Palm Desert is offering a bark-worthy deal for dog devotees. Adopt an African wild dog for $75 from Aug. 26 through Aug. 28, 2016, and honor the canine community's big holiday with your generous effort. 

ADOPTING AN ANIMAL... via The Living Desert means a few things. Most importantly, "wildlife education, conservation research, animal care and habitat improvements" are all supported by the tax-deductible contribution. You, as the "adoptee," will receive a cute plush, a fact sheet, a snapshot, and certificate. True, animal adoptions through the arid-clime park are typically $100, so this is a great weekend to lend love to the beautiful wild dog. And there are many other critters who are "adoptable" through the program, should you want to make a donation for a friend or as a special gift (it is, indeed, lovely for birthdays, weddings, and such). Want to learn more about the program, The Living Desert, the amazing wild dog, and the other adoptable beasties? You can, now.

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