National Punctuation Day

Catherina Messina

ITTY BITTY PUZZLED STUDS: Obviously, they're cute. But here's how we'd use them. If the person you're talking with is raising a question you have questions about, just tuck a hand behind one ear and lean forward. It's the simplest way to say "?" without actually verbalizing it. We like jewelry that does double duty. From Catherine Marissa, $12

PUNCTUATION EARRING SAMPLER: Because we like the comma, and because we like to see the comma get its due in the world of fashion. The path to take with this sampler is to wear two together -- the comma and semicolon -- and then try to use them the entire day in both your speaking and writing. Let's hear it for the semicolon, too; it does a fine job of giving needed pause. From Nerd Goddess, $15

TO BE CONTINUED... We're giving it up for ellipses, which we go to, well... All the time. These earrings say you are an ellipsesian, and you've always got at least one more thought to express. A bit of mystery, which is welcome in this everything-on-the-table world. From Artigiano Jewel Box, $38

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