Huntsman Shows Off Some Rock and Roll Wizardry

The former Utah governor confessed he wanted to be Paul Shaffer as a kid

GOP primary underdog Jon Huntsman discussed his youthful rock and roll ambitions on "The Late Show" Wednesday and proved he hasn't lost his keyboard chops.

Huntsman may share his higher-profile rival Mitt Romney's clean-cut Mormon family man image — but unlike Romney, Huntsman has a dark past. Sort of.

A past that, before it involved two terms as Utah governor or a stint as ambassador to China, involved some rock and roll.

With Huntsman as his guest on "The Late Show" Wednesday, David Letterman unearthed an old photograph of Huntsman's late '70s pro rock band, Wizard — replete with the requisite long hair.

Huntsman admitted that he really expected to hit it big playing proggy keys.

"I wanted to be Paul Shaffer," he said.

And without missing a beat, Huntsman joined Shaffer and the rest of the CBS Orchestra to accompany their rendition of "Johnny B. Goode" on piano.

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