Late-Night Looks on the Bright Side with Cain, Palin

Jon Stewart and Jimmy Fallon take on GOP candidates — those running and otherwise

Another Herman Cain scandal, another gold mine for late night comedy — and a woman's allegation that she had a 13-year affair with the GOP candidate might be the richest yet.

Jon Stewart started the pile-on Tuesday night by looking on the bright side:

"Thirteen years! That is an admirable commitment to the woman with whom you are violating your spousal commitment. And two, after all those allegations of sexual harassment of underlings, nice to see Herman Cain going the consensual route! Kudos."

But he questioned the sense of conservatives who might react to the news by switching their allegiance to Newt Gingrich — who's dogged by some past marital infidelities of his own.

"I guess Newt Gingrich becomes the candidate for people who like Herman Cain but think he was too monogamous," he joked.

Jimmy Fallon joined the fray, too, with some jokes at Cain's expense but also a nod to Sarah Palin's non-candidacy. Her candidacy, were it to materialize, might delight some Democrats.

"A new TV ad is running in Iowa urging Sarah Palin to rethink her decision and join the presidential race," Fallon said.

"It gets weird at the end when a voice says, 'I'm Barack Obama, and I approved this message.'" 

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