NBC4 Bestows the 2018 NBC4 Life Connected Award

On October 12, 2018, the station awarded the NBC4 Life Connected award to Martin Castro, CEO of the nonprofit organization Mexican American Opportunity Foundation (MAOF) at the group's annual Aztec Awards in Downtown Los Angeles.

Castro has dedicated his life to serving individuals and families in need throughout California, particularly Latino families in dire need of a wide range of quality social services and programs.

The award was presented by NBC4 Vice President of Communications and Community Affairs, Terri Hernandez Rosales, and the event was hosted by NBC4 Today in LA Co-Anchor Daniella Guzman

The award is named for the station's "Life Connected" series which celebrates individuals and communities that connect in unique ways to overcome obstacles and improve the quality of life for others. The stories air every Sunday during the NBC4 News at 11 p.m. and again on Mondays during the NBC4 News at 11 a.m.

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