NBCLA.com Internship Testimonial: Mateo Melero, CSUN 2015

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Whether the assignment was writing about a woman losing her beloved pink-toed lizard, or drugs stuffed in the gas tank of an SUV, I never had a boring day while working on NBC4's digital team.

There were never any coffee-fetching duties or menial tasks on my plate when I walked into the newsroom -- just a slug with my name on it and a story to write.

The internship wasn't always easy. It is a demanding job, and deadlines were sometimes immediate. The demand for quality reporting was firm, and the support from team members was endearing.

Working with straightforward, veteran journalists did wonders for my skills in a short amount of time.

They never turned me away when I had questions and never made me feel bad when I made a mistake. Instead, they always guided me into the right direction and treated me like a professional.

This was beyond motivating; it was empowering.

On paper it seems like a simple job, but NBC leads the industry, and with that comes a high standard demanded out of its reporters, editors, web writers and especially its interns.

Submit your resume and put your skills to the test. It's worth a try.

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