Near the Elbow. Lower. Higher. Yes: Spa Week Opens


There's something so simple and attractive about the $50 spa treatment. No dickering or adding or wondering about add-ons or discounts for off-hour treatments. Just fifty bucks, a feel-good rub, and you.

That's one reason we like Spa Week, that bi-annual bliss-out devoted to making tense people de-tense. Oh, and to helping spas across the nation gain new customers and spoil returning fans.

Much like a Restaurant Week, Spa Week -- which is on from September 14th-20th -- rounds up a bevy of rub-polish-scrub-soothe places and puts the word out about the sweet $50 deals. You'll need to sign up at the web site, and then check out spas in your area, and what they're offering, from there.

It's free to sign up, so there's no additional cost there, but remember that the $50 does not include tip. And it is nice to tip the person making you feel better.

You know you've stared at the brochure with the $180 yogurt-blueberry foot masque and wanted to try it. Wanted it bad. Maybe that masque is on the deal list? Here's hoping. And here's to Monday starting out in a de-stress-y way, for once. Could Spa Week become Spa Month? Maybe, even, Spa Year? Spa Decade...

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