New: Blackboard Eats Dishes Dining Deals

It just turned a week old, so this seems like a fine day to spotlight Blackboard Eats, the dining-focused newsletter that's delivering discount codes -- for free -- to in-boxes around the city.

Founded by meal maven Maggie Nemser (she was a Yahoo! Food Editor, so we're trusting her knowledge about emailing/eating), Blackboard Eats works like this: Sign up, get a newsletter twice a week, and jot down (or memorize) the special code that provides a percentage off your meal at the featured eatery.

But it isn't just about discounts. There could be gratis goodies thrown in (free appetizer, fingers crossed) or other giveaways.

The October 1st restaurant is Joe's in Venice, and the deal is deep: 30% off. Not just your entree. The whole bill. Yow.

There's a clock, however: The code is only available for 24 hours after the newsletter ships, although it may be used for up to a month following the date it was first revealed. So write it down fast and then use at your leisure.

Just a few things to remember. It all adds up to that brilliant moment when you whip out your code at the table and impress your date/friend/boss. We love the whipping-out-the-code part. Almost as delicious as dessert. Almost.

Get on the list for Blackboard Eats here.

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