Newport Beach Film Festival

East Fifth Bliss

PACIFIC-CLOSE FEATURES: The Newport Beach Film Festival is certainly one of the centerpieces of the cinematic calendar, and not simply because it attracts buzzy films or the stars starring in those buzzy films. It's got a bit of cheek, a bit of dash, Cirque du Soleil might stop by to get things kicked off (or maybe trampolined off is more Cirque-y), as they did in 2010. The spot promoting the 2011 fest kind of perfectly sums up the espirit of the week-plus event; see below.

APRIL 28-MAY 5: "East Fifth Bliss" with Michael C. Hall is the opening night feature; "A Beginner's Guide to Endings" will end it (so that's easy to remember). And in the middle? All sorts of cinema-based snackery, so keep that all-important grid nearby. And now, for that spot we referenced. Will we ever get tired of behind-the-scenes-y wink-i-ness? Of hearing of the trials and tribulations of making a movie? No. No we will not.

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