Next El Capitan Spectacular Crosses the Boulevard


It takes a lot -- A LOT -- for us to stop chawing our popcorn and playing with our 3D glasses while waiting for a film to begin. Of course, we have to wear our 3D glasses on the back of our head, for a little while, so the people behind us laugh. We're hoping they laugh, at least. Smile patiently? Probably. And then we chaw some salty snackage some more, waiting for the movie to start.

We were recently indulging in these behaviors while waiting for the lights to dim for "Up" -- saw it twice, loved it twice, sniffled-in-the-appropriate-places twice -- and what caused us to cease our popcorn-chawing was the announcement that the movie "G-Force" would have a big to-do happening *outside* the El Capitan Theatre.

Well, not outside, but rather across the street. We're old hands at El Capitan-going -- oh, we'll brag -- but we haven't heard of any related events heading over to the Hollywood & Highland complex, not on a regular, daily basis, during the run of a movie. The Disney soda fountain, maybe. But nothing permanent-ish across the street.

"G-Force" is going there starting on July 24th with "The G-Force Experience." It's interactive, there are games galore, it's fam-friendly, we're going to guess there will be a whole bunch of guinea pig-related hijinx going on (after all, the movie follows an ace team of furry pets working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation).

The Experience happens after you watch the movie, so if you're heading for El Cap, make sure to save time to head across the boulevard. "G-Force" and "The G-Force Experience" runs July 24th through September 7th.

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