Nic Harcourt Leaving “Eclectic”

In a city where newcomers frequently plop their stuff down for a few years, make a run at a fancy career and decide to split after homesickness sets in, it has been a comfort to hear Nic Harcourt's soothing tones consistently emanating from our radio day after day.

Word comes today that KCRW's music director and famous-both-in-and-out-of-LA host of "Morning Becomes Eclectic" is stepping down from his director post (he'll still be hosting a show on Sunday evenings, so don't despair that those cool British tones are leaving your radio forever). To everything, turn, turn, turn, and Mr. Harcourt is turning to new projects in television, voice-over work, movies and more. Bravo, sir. We all get a hankering to stretch the legs now and then.

Franklin Avenue reports that KCRW has begun the search for fresh voice to take the reins at "Eclectic" (as well as the helm of music director). It's a plum spot, to be sure, and the candidate will have to arrive with an array of talents and a brain as big as Boston about coming trends, winding-up trends, too-new-to-even-be-emerging artists and musicians that are back on the scene for the fourth, fifth or 114th time.

We've liked seeing Mr. Harcourt out and about at various shows; hopefully that will be one duty he'll occasionally revisit from time to time.

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