Night of 140 Tweets

140 Twitterers, on stage, performing a tweet.

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In the spirit of Twitter -- keeping things short -- and comedy -- brevity being the soul of wit -- we'll restrict what we have to say about Night of 140 Tweets to just a few lines.

Because you will get it immediately. And probably laugh immediately. Or be befuddled immediately. Or D, all of the above.

On Friday, March 12, at 10 p.m., 140 people who use Twitter will go on stage at the Upright Citizens Brigade and "perform" one of their tweets.

"Perform" scares us there, in a good way.

The 140 tweeters come from all corners, comedy, lit, everywhere, so call it a delightful mixed bag of Twitter-y madness. And you get the 140 here. 140 characters, 140 people. We're talking too much.

Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel are the laugh-it-up co-hosts. The night will raise money for Haiti. And while the evening is sold out -- right? Because probably each of those 140 people have friends they told -- there will be a stand-by line.

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