“Night of the Living Dead” Live on Stage

SCARY CLASSIC: This is juuust about the time of year that people get to discussing and arguing over and dissecting George Romero's 1968 wonder "Night of the Living Dead." (Yes, we used "dissecting" on purpose there.) We can state with firmness that the film is considered by many to be the movie that launched a million zombies, or at least a million zombie-filled spin-offs. Has one independent movie ever done so much for a single genre? Okay. "Pulp Fiction," perhaps. But "Night" and its powers shine on. Further proof? The Maverick Theater in Fullerton has put it on stage. It runs through Oct. 30.

NOW... If you're thinking this is one of those deals where it'll be a bit campy and it'll be a bit winky and the zombies will dance The Hustle at the end, think again. It's scary. Scary like the film. And loaded with social commentary and all the tropes that others have borrowed from over the years. That's why we're recommending it, and maybe even possibly recommending that other iconic indies make for the boards. Could a stage presentation mean new life for an older independent? For sure. But, if you're not in the mood for theorizing, get in the mood for moaning. Tickets are twenty bucks.

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