Nine Iconic Letters, One Giant Canvas for Mischief

Hollywood Sign, we'd hug ya if we could, but if that happened, we'd have to have arms as long as the mom in "The Incredibles" and that's probably on the impossible side. You are gargantuan, you are legendary, you inspire people with stuff to promote and/or a pranky streak to attempt to change you via banners and lights and other shenaniganery. Before the authorities arrive, of course.

Or have in the past. Today the Hollywood Sign may be under some serious lock-and-key as far as security goes -- and if you saw the KCET show where Huell Howser visited the icon, you'll also know that those nine enormous letters are truly on a hillside, meaning it is impressively steep, meaning who in the world would even want to go up there? But in former years, people, armed with giant cloth cut-outs and a mad vision, have made the brush-y climb into Tinseltown legend.

So what has the Hollywood Sign (very briefly) become over the years? A few notables: Perotwood (during the Ross Perot campaign, natch); Holywood, for the Pope's LA stay; and USCWood/Go UCLA (no explanation needed). The list is actually fairly long.

Like we said, we'll take our sign plain, thank you. What is stands for -- Hollywood -- already seems strange and silly enough most days. Said with love. Total love. No fooling.

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