No Corpse Bloom? No Problem

We can only imagine that life on a flower's schedule must be challenging. Like babies arriving, the true start of summer, and when a lasagna is actually fully cooked, it can be hard to predict when a growing thing will finally open up and spread its petals.

Such is the case with the Huntington Library & Gardens in recent days. The San Marino landmark's rare Corpse Flower has been the talk of the horticultural world, and other circles, too, and certainly locally. Curious noses are ready to know its unusual and celebrated stink. And though the smelly specimen was previously set to flower between June 10-15, the predicted window is now June 12-16. It's on its own schedule, of course.

But that's not keeping the Huntington from ha-ha-ing over the heat of having many people at the ready to spy (and sniff) this baby. An employee at the gardens -- and a puppeteer to boot -- dressed up and "flowered" to give people eager to see something something to see.

Very cheeky, Huntington; we applaud. And if you're wondering how much the Corpse Flower is growing, you can follow it here. It is sometimes edging up four or five inches a day. That must be nearly audible growth.

Keep going, Corpse-y. The city is waiting to get a whiff.

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