No $ to Redo Your Bedroom? Help Rover Rest Better

What's your happy thought place when life get stress-y? Is it related to food? Of course it is. How 'bout animals? Us, too. Let's both not brag about it though; everyone everywhere turns to their pets in times of turmoil. And turmoil often means money is tight, which means we're dragging our fraying-but-loved couch around the living room for the third time this month, trying to lend it a new look without having to spend the cash.

So it amuses us that both gussying up the place on a dime (or less) and pet devotion came together in this item. This couple is ingenious -- ingenious -- in the way they stuck two, oh-so-contemporary IKEA tables to make a little cube-haven for their bite-'em-scrumptious dachshunds. It couldn't look fancier or more modern, and those pups looked pleased and just minutes away from an afternoon-long snooze. Because dogs=sleep machines. We're jealous much.

The question is, how do we get our pups off the old, spotty, slowly fraying pillows they adore? Or should we move their favorite dog bed into something cool and cube-like like this couple did (and cover it in fresh fabric)?

Decorating for dogs and doing it on a budget. A new trend in an ailing economy? We like it...

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