No Way, Not Even, He Did Not Just Say That!

Remember that one time by the lockers, where that person you like TOTALLY looked at you but then you knocked heads with your former ex-best bud and folders flew and it all went to hell? Yes, you do. We do, too. And so do the people at Mortified, the acclaimed stage show that asks ordinary humans -- which would be all of us -- to dig out those fading diaries, poetry journals, scrawled-upon notebooks, and other artifacts of youth we all hope never, ever see the light of day.

The light of night in a cozy theater is another matter entirely. Ever since Mortified mastermind Dave Nadelberg came across a mash note from his youth, he's been inviting others to crack open their diaries, and hearts, in front of a crowd of fascinated strangers. Crushes, quarrels, misunderstandings, parental disapproval, misadventures, and hopes have all been revealed to appreciative audiences (who often sit cringingly laughing, or laughingly cringing, waiting for the shoe to drop, which it usually does).

We may even be inspired to find that old shoebox -- covered with scratch-and-sniff stickers and band logos done in ballpoint pen -- and take a stroll down memory lane. Or, on second thought, maybe it is enough to hear others do it for us.

Wednesday, December 10, 8PM
6555 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood

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