NorCal Woman Stops Carjacker With Tough Talk, Scissors

A woman in Berkeley, Calif., is telling quite a tale about a carjacking attempt Tuesday.

The woman was shopping at the Berkeley Whole Foods and was returning to her car when a man approached her. The man told her to give him all of her money. According to a Berkeley Police Department statement, a "physical and verbal altercation ensued."

That is when she went into her van to get the money.

The woman said that when he got into her van, she grabbed his gun from his hand and said, "I'm going to blow your balls off."

She said the robber then punched her before attempting to get behind the wheel of her van in order to drive it away. That is when she began stabbing him in the leg, shoulder and neck with scissors she had in the center console.

Police said the man then fled the van. He still had a handgun at that point, police said.

The attacker then encountered a man in his car, pulled the gun on him, but was unable to carjack the vehicle from the man, police said.

After two failed carjackings, some scissor wounds and the threat of castration, the thief was finally able to steal a car from outside a home.

The man was last seen driving the stolen vehicle (license number 5ZTN502) southbound on Telegraph Avenue into Oakland.

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